What is an RV Security System?

According to business software Gitnux, 208 towable motorhomes are stolen every month. This study reports that where one park can, in part, influence the theft rate. So too can a lack of security system. What exactly is an RV security system?

An RV security system includes cameras, motion detectors, and a GPS locator, among other built-in features. The security system should offer smartphone monitoring so you can track your vehicle on the go.

This guide to motorhome security systems will tell you everything you need to know. I’ll go over all the important features, the benefits of having such a security system, and what to look for if you’re buying one.

Let’s get started!

What Is an RV Security System? What Are the Most Important Features?

RV Security System FeatureWhat It Does
Camera(s)Records continuous footage so if someone gets close to your motorhome, tries to break in, or successfully burglarizes the vehicle, you have evidence; the footage can often transmit to your smartphone in real-time
Motion detectionUses sensors to indicate when motion occurs within the sensor’s range; the motion can be strong winds, an animal, or a person
Night visionCreates an optoelectronic image enhancement according to the amount of infrared light, allowing you to see in the dark
GPS locatorEnables police to find your motorhome by tracing its location in real-time using GPS technology
Panic buttonContacts police, often soundlessly, so you can stay discreet in an emergency situation

Expanding upon the definition from the intro, a motorhome security system is for warding off criminals and unsavory characters from your vehicle.

The security system includes motion detectors to gauge who’s around your RV, smartphone functionality so you can see what’s going on outside of your vehicle while safely inside, and cameras.

Although an additional expense on top of everything else you pay to keep your set of wheels road-ready, an RV security system can go a long way toward increasing your peace of mind.

Here’s an overview of the features you may find in a motorhome security system.


As part of your RV security system, the discreet cameras will film around the clock, looking for illegal activity around your motorhome. The cameras can feed footage to your smartphone (more on that to come a little later in this section).

Although the cameras may continuously record, the security system won’t hold onto footage forever. Most security systems will dump unsaved footage in 30 days, so you’ll have to grab what you might want to hold onto.

Camera footage can help the police identify criminals if someone breaks into your RV or maliciously damages it.

Motion Detector

When you’re sealed away in your RV, you can miss what’s happening outside. That can be to your detriment if someone tries to car-jack you or burglarize your motorhome.

A motion detector with your security system will indicate when someone or something is outside of the vehicle. I say something because motion sensors could go off in a strong breeze or if an animal passes your motorhome.

This is annoying but unavoidable due to how motion detection works. It just picks up on motion, not who or what is causing it.

It’s better to have 100 false alarms for that one time it’s not a false alarm than forego motion detection altogether, at least if you ask me!

Night Vision

Once the sun goes down, it’s very hard to see two feet in front of you. Someone could skulk around your motorhome, and you’d never be able to see them do it.

With night vision through your security system, you can now see into the inky blackness. You won’t second-guess if that shadow is a person because you can perceive a clear outline.

GPS Locator

RVs rarely stay in one place for long. If you live in yours full-time (and if you do, don’t miss this article), you might not even have a brick-and-mortar home anymore. That can make it hard for the police to track down your location without a GPS.

Fortunately, many motorhome security systems include a GPS locator. The locator helps the police find you. Further, it can track down your RV if a criminal makes off with it.

The GPS locator is truly one of the best features of an RV security system, if not the best. It’s often the difference between getting your motorhome returned to you and never seeing it again!

Smartphone Compatibility

You can use your smartphone to stay abreast of what’s going on with your RV. You’re free to venture off deep into the national park or campsite to explore because you know you can keep your eyes on your vehicle.

As I mentioned earlier, you can likely use your phone to view the security feed. You can also adjust security system settings from your smartphone.

Technology sure is impressive. All you have to do is download the security system’s app on your phone, and it’s like having portable security anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Now, I do have to say that a reliable Internet connection can be iffy when camping. If you’re at an RV resort, you shouldn’t have to worry, but the deeper into nature you retreat, the spottier the Internet.

This can impede your ability to monitor your security system with your smartphone.

Panic Button

The last must-have feature of any RV security system worth its salt is a panic button. This isn’t a literal panic button but a figurative one. You can use it to alert the police of trouble swiftly and often silently.

What Are the Benefits of an RV Security System?

Adding a security system to your RV can be highly advantageous. Let’s look at some of the perks you can enjoy.

Reduces Theft

Remember, more than 200 towable motorhomes end up stolen every month. That’s a lot of needless theft!

While a security system can’t outright stop a burglar, between the motion sensor and cameras, it can catch them in the act.

As I talked about before, this increases the chances of justice being served, as the police can identify and hopefully apprehend the criminal.

Increases Peace of Mind

You deserve a relaxing, rewarding experience when out camping in your motorhome.

While you can’t completely let your guard down, you don’t want to spend the entire time paranoid and obsessed.

With an RV security system, you can relax a little, knowing that your security can be your eyes and ears when you need to step away.

Protects Your Investment

Motorhomes aren’t cheap, and even that feels like a tremendous understatement. If you spent tens of thousands on your RV and countless more dollars to maintain it, you want to do all you can to preserve it for a long time to come. A security system will do that.

What to Look for When Buying an RV Security System

In a future post, I’ll review my favorite RV security systems, so make sure you check that out. Until then, as you browse and compare your options, here are some points to keep in mind.

Simple Installation

You’ll have to assemble and mount your vehicle’s security system yourself. If you struggle to do this, the security system isn’t worth having.

Purchase a security system with clear instructions, easy installation, and mounting hardware included in the box.

Ease of Use

It should also be easy to use all the features of your new security system. Otherwise, you can’t reap the full benefits, as you’re foregoing some features.

Comprehensive Features

An RV security system can include a variety of components. You might value some more than others, but ensure the system you choose has the features you need and then some.

Good Value

I’m not recommending you purchase the cheapest security system, as that will break on you quickly, leaving you without any protection when camping in the woods.

However, there’s nothing wrong with comparing prices to get an affordable service.

A security system with the features you want and a price you deem reasonable is a good value!


An RV security system uses cameras, GPS, and motion detectors to catch criminals in the act. You can review footage in real-time of what’s going on just outside your motorhome and contact police if necessary using the included panic button.

If you weren’t sure whether you need a security system for your motorhome, I hope this post inspired you to consider one!

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