Prices & Differences Between Fort Wilderness RV Campsites

The Campsites at Fort Wilderness are some of the most magical camping spots in the US. But what are the differences between each site and the prices?

Prices at Fort Wilderness campground range from $68 for primitive all the way to $220 per night or more for Premium Meadow. Depending on where you stay in the campground can make a huge difference in price and accessibility. Sites cost more based on walking distance to service areas.

After reading, you will be able to see the differences between each site and which one’s might be best for you. In addition, I will add some tips for choosing one site over another to help you save money.

What is the Difference Between RV Campsites at Fort Wilderness?

You might be wondering what is special about each site at Fort Wilderness. There is not a lot that separates one site from another, but there are some sites that are better based on a variety of factors. So what makes each one potentially better than another?

The size of the concrete pads and the location of the sites within the campground are the main differences that set some sites ahead of the rest. It does not affect the quality of the site, as all have full hookup capabilities except for the primitive tent sites.

Depending on who you talk to that might have stayed at Fort Wilderness might have a different opinion on what sites or loops work best. Below you can see some examples of the differences.

Size of Concrete Pads

There are five areas, spread across 750 acres of land, that you can ask to camp at. These are Primitive, Full Hookup, Preferred, Premium, and Meadow Premium.

When booking any site, it is important to know how large your motorhome, RV, or fifth wheel is because it will make a difference when trying to park. For example, a 38-foot fifth wheel might be too tight to fit in a Preferred site in addition to your truck. 

Of course, they have a parking lot in case your vehicle does not fit. You will have the hassle of going from one end of the campground to the other in order to use your car and take the complimentary buses or a golf cart to get back to your site each day.

  • Primitive sites are 10 feet by 25 feet
  • Full Hookup sites are 10 feet by 50 feet
  • Preferred sites are 10 feet by 45 feet
  • Premium sites are 18 feet by 60 feet
  • Meadow Premium sites are 18 feet by 60 feet

Ease of Parking

In addition to the size of each site, parking your rig makes a huge difference. All the sites at Fort Wilderness are tight and difficult to get into, but some are impossible compared to others.

In my situation, the easiest sites to back into have been in the Full Hookup loops. This is because this area is not original to the campground back in 1971, so they made better accommodations later on in construction.

Proximity to Amenities

Another reason campers might pick a certain loop and site over another is the proximity to other areas within the campground. You have likely heard of real estate catchphrases like “location, location, location,” and there are sites that make a difference in convenience.

As mentioned, Fort Wilderness is over 750 acres, and there is a lot to see and do. When booking, consider what areas you want to be close to and what you could do without a short walk to.

  • Primitive sites are nowhere close to the action but are close to the cabins and their pool
  • Full Hookup sites are arguably the most neutral spot, with a short walk to the meadow pool 
  • Preferred sites are the closest ones to the marina for Magic Kingdom, the Pioneer hall with restaurants, and food trucks
  • Premium sites are closer to the meadow pool, dog park, bike barn, and activities by the campfire
  • Meadow Premium sites are the absolute closest you can be to the meadow pool, Meadow Trading Post (store), bike barn, and the campfire at night.

How Much Does it Cost to Park an RV at Fort Wilderness?

On average, these prices are going to cost more than what most people are used to seeing for other campgrounds. So what are the prices like?

Primitive sites can range from $68 to $170, Full Hookup ranges from $100 to $200, Preferred ranges from $115 to $220, Premium ranges from $120 to $230, and Meadow Premium ranges from $130 to $300. While these are steep, it is considerably cheaper than booking a hotel on Disney property.

Parking your motorhome, RV, or caravan will fluctuate in cost at different times of the year. Leading up to holidays and weekends are the biggest increases in prices.

Keep in mind that these are ballpark ranges for prices and that they could change at any time. The days coming into the holidays and the days after are going to rise and fall in price as well.

Unfortunately, Fort Wilderness does not offer any discounts for long-term stays. These are known as weekly or monthly rates at other campgrounds. In fact, the longest you can even book consecutively is 30 days.

How Much Does Fort Wilderness Cost During Holidays?

In the table below I show approximately how much the different sites at Fort Wilderness Cost during all the different holidays so you can have an easy time overlooking what holidays are going to be the cheapest option to go there.

HolidaysPrimitiveFull HookupPreferred Premium Premium Meadow
New Years$170$200$215$220$240
MLK Day$110$140$150$170$180
Memorial Day$150$180$210$220$230
Independence Day$150$190$215$230$240
Labor Day$100$130$150$160$170
Thanksgiving $120$160$170$200$220
These are approximate prices to give a guideline, and these may vary depending on when you book.

As you can see the prices can vary a lot depending on what holiday you want to go there. For example, you could save 130 USD going on Labor Day compared to Christmas.

Is it Worth Upgrading to a Different Site?

Upgrading to a different site has its pros and cons, depending on a variety of factors. These factors that come into play might change your mind if you do some research based on your needs.

You need to account for your rig size, how much money you want to spend, and what time of year it is. Overlooking one of these could potentially be a mistake.

Rig Size

As mentioned, each site has slightly different sizes of concrete pads to accommodate your rig. If you think you need an extra five feet of length to be safe, it might be worth upgrading to add more room.

To squeeze a few more feet out of your site, I have always parked a little off of the concrete pad. Behind each site, there is roughly eight feet of gravel to put up a tent.


While finding any deals on stays at Fort Wilderness will be difficult, upgrading to a different site means putting out more money. If you are on a tight budget, consider what works best for you.

In my experience, booking a Full Hookup is about as easy and the cheapest it gets for larger rigs. I could not justify paying more to be closer to certain areas, especially since they have free shuttle buses to take you anywhere you want to go.

Time of Year

The time of year makes a huge difference for booking and potentially upgrading. I was lucky for my first Halloween at Fort Wilderness that I did not book a Full Hookup and chose to upgrade to a Preferred one instead.

The reason I say this is because Halloween is a huge party in that area. There are four loops that connect together and are considered the busiest section of the entire campground.

There were security officers and staff that directed traffic throughout these areas. I had no idea I had lucked out, and thankfully I was able to.

What Are the Best Sites to Book?

This answer will vary based on what type of rig you have and what you are comfortable spending for a few nights. They all have benefits and drawbacks, so you must consider these.

The best Fort Wilderness sites for first-time guests would be between the loops 1600 and 1700. I typically try to book these since it saves money, and I do not mind walking or riding a bus everywhere. These are part of the Full Hookup section and are the best budget-friendly for larger rigs.

If you want to be close to the meadow pool and campfire sing along, then loop 600 is the place for you and is the most expensive since it is a Meadow Premium. If you want to be close to the marina and restaurants, I would consider loops 100 to 200, which are Preferred loops.

Some guests that I have spoken to really like 300, 400, and 500 loops. 300 and 500 are next to the dog park, so it is convenient to walk your dog there and still be close to the marina. As for 400, it is on the way to the marina and is the last Premium loop.

Benefits of Booking a Site at Fort Wilderness

Fort Wilderness may seem like an over-the-top camping experience, but many people enjoy it every year. During my time that I was there, I had moments where I did not want to leave.

Staying at Fort Wilderness comes with a handful of benefits. In addition, there are some perks that you do not get with other nearby campgrounds.

Nightly Fireworks

Every single night, Magic Kingdom and Epcot do fireworks. At the marina in Fort Wilderness, you can get a close-up view of the ones at Magic Kingdom since it is a short boat ride over.

Even if you do not have access to Magic Kingdom, you can still see quite a few of the larger fireworks being shot in the sky. These can be seen almost anywhere in the campground, with the best views at the marina, all for free.

Great Food

If you do not feel like driving in your car or taking a bus to Disney Springs, the campground has a handful of food options to consider. On select days, there will be various food trucks with specific options such as tacos, pizzas, or burgers.

Then there is the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue serving all you can eat and drink (beer) with a western-themed show. This is very difficult to get into, so I suggest calling often for your future stay so you can book it.

There are two more restaurants known as Trail’s End and P&J’s Southern Takeout. Trail’s End is a southern buffet style, while P&J’s offers food to go. If you order online at P&J’s, you will have your food out a lot quicker than ordering in person.

Two more to add that are close in proximity are Whispering Canyon Cafe and Geyser Point Bar and Grill. These are located at the Wilderness Lodge, which will require you to take the boat at the marina.

Clean Facilities

I have honestly never stayed at a campground that was on top of cleaning and taking out the trash as Fort Wilderness does. They constantly have employees bouncing around from one loop to the next cleaning.

In my experience, I have never experienced the small but essential issues (running out of toilet paper, paper towels, etc.) because they have been constantly replaced. These little details matter, and Disney does an excellent job here.

Full Hookups

Every site is a full hookup except for the primitive spots. Those only have water and electricity, so you will need to use a nearby comfort station.

In addition, everyone has access to high-speed internet and cable to watch TV. There are also picnic tables and a charcoal pit to grill.


Not only can you see fireworks for free every night, but the scenery itself is beautiful. Tons of trees, flowers, and other scenery on walking trails make it appealing to explore. If you book horseback riding, you can see other parts of the campground that is exclusive to that activity.

Constant Security

Just like any Disney resort and hotel, not just any person can walk or drive up to the gate. If so, they will be greeted by staff and must show that they have a current booking there.

Also, at Fort Wilderness, they have security driving around all day and night. I have never seen any issues that involved the need for security, such as rowdy guests, but it is nice to know they are watching.

Oversized Camping Spots

There are a handful of campgrounds that I have stayed at that have large concrete pads. However, Fort Wilderness has them beat with how many they have.

There are 800 sites, all of which have concrete pads. This is nice to park your rig and get the leveling down in minutes while also having plenty of room to move around.

Middle of Nowhere

While Fort Wilderness is massive, and there are plenty of people running around, the campground has an illusion of feeling like you are in the middle of nowhere. With the large pine trees separating each loop, it makes it seem like you are camping more in the woods and not next to a highway.


Staying at Fort Wilderness allows you access to enjoy certain activities that people in the public do not get to see. These are exclusive to the campground, so you would have to go elsewhere, miles away, to enjoy similar experiences. Some are free, while others cost money to participate.

They have archery, an oversized outdoor movie theater, kayaking, scavenger hunts, various crafts, poolside activities for kids, and several playgrounds. They even have two game rooms with classic or retro games.

Depending on your age, you can do horseback riding and the Wilderness Back Trail Adventure, which is a Segway tour. On select nights, they also have carriage rides and the Chip and Dale’s Campfire Sing-A-Long.

Bringing Your Home to Disney

In case this was not obvious, you get to bring your home to the most magical place on Earth. The beauty of this is the prices.

If you were to stay at one of the Disney hotels or resorts, you are looking at $500 on average a night. What is scarier is that some cost way more than that, so the campground prices are nowhere near as crazy.

Early Access to Parks

One of the best benefits of staying at Fort Wilderness is the access you have to the parks. There are shuttle buses that will take you to any park you want (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot).

While staying at a Disney resort, you get early access to any park (if you have reservations/tickets). These 30 minutes in the morning are some of the most valuable time to get in line for a ride you want to try, as hordes of people are waiting to get into the park while you stroll in.

Drawbacks of Booking a Site at Fort Wilderness

Fort Wilderness might have many positives that a lot of people agree on. In fact, there are not many campgrounds that can compete in terms of convenience and quality.

However, every campground has to have some sort of negatives. While these are minor, it is still nice to see that there are way more positives to consider.


As you have seen with the prices, this place is not cheap. In fact, it is the most expensive campground not located on a beach or considered luxury.

For the price you pay, it is on par with upscale RV parks located on the coast of Florida or California. However, the benefits add to the price.


If you are expecting a quiet evening or calm atmosphere, you might want to consider another alternative. Fort Wilderness remains busy constantly, with some parts of the year busier than others.

People like to stay up late to watch fireworks, the water show at night at Magic Kingdom, sit by a campfire and do whatever on vacation. There are some areas of the campground not as busy as others, so ask upon checking in to see about noise.

Tight Spaces

I have stayed at Fort Wilderness enough to understand patience when trying to park. The spaces are not impossible to park into, but some are tighter than others.

What makes it worse sometimes is that people will decorate their sites too close to the road. This makes it challenging to back into your site, while sometimes, the people will stare at you to ensure you do not hit their decorations. Fort Wilderness has a paper explaining how to decorate properly and states that decorations need to be three feet away from the road.

No Long Term Stays

Staying at Fort Wilderness, if you can afford it, is great for experiencing everything Disney has to offer. But unlike other campgrounds, you cannot book long-term stays.

They have a policy stating that you can only book 30 days consecutively at a time. After that, you would need to contact booking to see what you could do if you wanted to book more days.

No Discounts

In my experience, I could not find a way to get a discount on my stay. Even guests that were annual pass holders do not receive discounts there, but they do at hotels. They seem to be pretty firm on their prices.

With so many people trying to book sites there, it really does not affect their business if a handful of people decide not to stay. They will always have a full campground. The only way to receive a cheaper stay is to book in the off-season or away from holidays or weekends.

A Disney Campground

If, for some reason you booked this campground without reading much about it, you will be heavily surprised that it is a Disney campground. If Disney is not your cup of tea, or just prefer something else, then this is not for you.

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